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Inspection and maintenance of extinguishers

Fire prevention
is our business

Think about your safety and the safety of those around you ! We've been involved in fire prevention since 1976.

Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance

As fire prevention specialists based in Laval, we work on both the South Shore and the North Shore.

Our fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance services in Laval

We sell a wide range of fire prevention equipment: extinguishers, fire hoses, emergency lighting, and more. We carry all the major brands.

You can also count on us to carry out all the inspection and maintenance work on your equipment. We can check and ensure that they are working properly. CO₂ refills is also part of our services.

Our team, made up of qualified specialists remains attentive to all your requests.

Top-quality fire extinguisher products and services

CO₂ Refills Laval

What sets us apart from the competition


Thanks to our expertise, we are certified by Transport Canada.



We've been involved in fire prevention since 1976.



Many companies place their trust in us thanks to the reliability of our products and services.


Subcontracting service

We work as a subcontractor for clients in the commercial sector.


Specialists in fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance since 1976

Extincteurs ABP is a father-and-son family business that has been providing unparalleled service for nearly 50 years.

Thanks to our expertise and qualified employees, we are a first-rate supplier to small, medium-sized and large companies that have been loyal to us year after year.

Today, our customers include private individuals, commercial and industrial companies, institutions, event agencies and more.

An experienced fire prevention company in Laval

Hydrostatic Testing Laval