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4525, Des Industries Ave., Laval, QC, H7C 1A1

Tel. 450-664-3310
Fax 450-664-1468

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Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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  • Laval
  • Montreal
  • North Shore
  • South Shore


  • Hydrostatic test
  • Refilling of CO²

Les extincteurs A.B.P. in Laval – Open to the Public

Superior-quality extinguishers for 40 years

Welcome to the website of Les extincteurs A.B.P. enr, which has been providing its clients with inspection and maintenance services for extinguishers, emergency lighting, refilling of CO² and parts and accessories since 1976.

Les extincteurs A.B.P. is also a team of 7 qualified employees. Thanks to our expertise, we are the preferred supplier to small, medium and large companies. We also act as sub-contractors for an extensive commercial clientele that remains loyal to us year after year.

Contact Les extincteurs A.B.P. today to plan your annual inspections.

Consult the data sheets for our products. Note that we are certified by Transport Canada.

Les extincteurs A.B.P. also offers a full range of products and services, including computer-based hydrostatic tests and automated kitchen and fire alarm systems.

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Annual Inspection

Your safety depends on your alarms
and your prevention systems.

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Refilling of CO²

Food grade, up to 99% pure,

excellent for fountain drinks or beer.

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Reliable Equipment

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